Top 10 Free UK Channels on ROKU TV / Streaming Stick

Here is my top 10 list of the most popular free UK channels that you can watch on your Roku streaming stick or ROKU TV based on user ratings submitted to Roku. To keep this list to the most popular channels I’ve only listed those with 1000 or more user ratings. All of these channels are free to watch and do not require a paid subscription, although some of them may require you to sign in and register to watch their content.

You can get more information on this top 10 list by watching my YouTube video Top 10 Free UK Channels on ROKU if you prefer.

1. YouTube – 4/5 (18446 user ratings)

It’s no surprise that YouTube has made it to the top of this list. With a huge amount of free content from music videos, comedy clips, tech reviews, tutorials, and more, YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world. Not only can you watch YouTube on your ROKU TV but you can also cast YouTube videos to it from your smart devices around your home by using the excellent YouTube app.

2. PLEX – 4/5 (5942 user ratings)

In second place is Plex. The Plex channel offers a great choice of free movies and TV shows from film makers around the globe, especially if you like older classic movies, but the Plex app is best appreciated for the ability to stream your personal collection of movies, TV, music and photos to other devices around your home by downloading their free Plex Media server software on to the device where your media is stored.

3. BBC iPlayer – 3.5/5 (20419 user ratings)

At number 3 is the BBC iPlayer. Although you’ll need a BBC TV licence to watch this channel it is otherwise free and with the added benefit of no annoying adverts. You will find a large amount of high quality catch up BBC TV with award winning documentaries, comedies, entertainment and more that have recently aired on the BBC TV channel network. You can also download and watch their TV programmes offline on your smart devices where you have up to 30 days to watch them.

4. My5 – 3.5/5 (8180 user ratings)

Number 4 is My5 which offers free catch up TV content from the Channel 5 network. Here you can watch popular dramas, documentaries, entertainment shows, sport and soaps from across the Channel 5 network which include Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT and the Paramount Network.  

5. ITV HUB – 3.5/5 (8045 user ratings)

This is the very popular free TV on demand service for ITV’s family of channels, ITV, ITV2, ITV3. ITV4, ITVBe, and CITV. Here you catch up on your favourite TV series and box sets and get 30 days to catch up on your top programmes that have recently broadcast on the ITV network.

6. All 4 – 3.5/5 (7210 user ratings)

At Number 6 is All 4 which is the free catch up TV service for the Channel 4 network, including More4, E4, VICE and Adult Swim. Here you can enjoy 100s of full series, TV shows, box sets and stream live TV.

7. SKY NEWS – 3.5/5 (4839 user ratings)

Get breaking news stories, 24 hours a day live news streams, detailed weather forecasts and the latest headlines. This is a great news app to download to your ROKU streaming stick.

8. BBC SPORT – 3.5/5 (2613 user ratings)

The BBC Sport app brings you exclusive free live sporting events and headlines from around the globe with video highlights, in-depth results and analysis. Watch this popular app on your ROKU TV, mobile or tablet where you can create your own personalised ‘My Sport’ page to enjoy your favourite sports content.  

9. BBC NEWS – 3.5/5 (1933 user ratings)

At Number 9 is BBC News which provides the latest breaking news from around the world and live news 24 hours a day. You can set this free app’s preferences to show only the topics that are of interest you and you can also download their news content to read offline if you anticipate being without a Wi-Fi signal.

10. VEVO – 3/5 (2294 user ratings)

Watch high definition music videos from VEVO’s huge library of 140,000+ music videos and playlists. Many people including me prefer to watch YouTube for music videos as their platform is more intuitive but what goes in VEVO’s favour is that it’s dedicated to bringing you only the official music videos and live performances from music artists, whereas YouTube will also list cover versions of your favourite music which you may not be so interested in. As the VEVO app is free you will get the occasional advert at the start of your videos.

How To Set Up Roku Without Credit Card

Let me show you how to set up your Roku account without a payment method such as a credit or debit card. I will also show you how to remove your credit card details from your Roku account if you don’t want Roku to keep your personal credit card details.

Please bear in mind that after doing this you won’t be able to watch any paid content on Roku but you can always add your credit or debit card details in the future in the Roku stick settings if you want to start watching paid streaming content.

Watch my video here: How To Set Up Roku Without Credit Card

Amazon Fire TV Stick Tips And Tricks

Check out my top 10 tips and tricks to get the most out of your new Fire TV Stick or Fire TV.

#1 Control FireStick With Smart Phone
#2 Access Alexa With Voice Commands
#3 Shortcut To Settings
#4 Stop Auto Playing Amazon Ads
#5 Browse The Internet
#6 Mirror iPhone to FireSticj TV Screen
#7 Add USB Adaptor To Your FireStick
#8 Add Bluetooth Devices
#9 Enable Old FireStick To Turn On TV
#10 Free Up Storage To Improve FireStick Performance

VIDEO: Fire TV Stick Tips And Tricks

JBL T450BT vs JLAB NEON Bluetooth Headphones Comparison

In this review I compare two of the most popular Bluetooth headphones, the JBL T450BT and JLAB Neon wireless headphones which both cost just under $40.00 in the US or just under £40.00 in the UK.

Both headphones have a good battery life which is 11 hrs for the JBL T450BT and 13 hrs for the JLAB NEON. Both headsets come with USB charging cables but the JLAB NEON has a more generous 30% longer (blue) cable.

Watch my full video review on my YouTube channel here.
Watch to the end of my video to see my final score on their sound quality, bass, comfort and more.

JLAB T450BT vs JLAB NEON Bluetooth headphones.. which is the best?

JBL T110BT vs JBL TUNE 205BT Wireless Earphones. Which is Best?

JBL headphones are known for their pure bass sound and in this review I  find out how good the bass and sound quality is for two of their most popular budget in-ear headphones, the JBL T110BT and JBL TUNE 205BT. These two headphones are similar in price and at the time of this review were as follows;

JBL T110BT –  £29.99 from Amazon UK

JBL TUNE 205BT –  £34.99 from Amazon UK

The ear buds for each set of headphones are significantly different in design from each other. The TUNE 205BT ear buds which are a similar design to Apple’s ear buds don’t sit fully in the ear and so are more comfortable to wear for longer periods and in my experience provide a higher quality of bass sound too.

The only downside to these ear buds is that they don’t offer much noise cancelling where as the T110BT which use the standard in-ear design sit deeper in your ear canal and hence provide a reasonably good level of passive background noise cancelling.

The downside to the T110BT ear buds is that they are less comfortable to wear for long periods and in my experience I prefer not to wear them for more than 20 mins where in contrast I can wear the TUNE 205BT earphones all evening without any comfort issues.

Watch my detailed YouTube comparison review on both sets of these headphones where I compare their sound quality, comfort, usability and value for money and give a final verdict and score out of 5 for both.

JBL T110BT vs JBL TUNE 205BT Wireless Earphones


JBL T110BT Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

The JBL T110BT Bluetooth wireless earphones produce great sound quality for the price, but whether you like more or less bass in your sound can depend on the device you are connecting them too.

I have tested the sound quality of these earphones with my iPhone, Laptop and Smart TV.  Watch my video below to see my results and where I will also show you how to connect/pair these Bluetooth headphones to your smartphone.

JBL T110BT Bluetooth Wireless Earphones – YouTube Review

Click here to buy them from Amazon now:


Philips Hue Smart Lights Review + Google Home/Alexa Echo Voice Control

Philips Hue smart lights are the latest high tech light bulbs that will give you the ultimate lighting experience in your home.  I can not underestimate just how cool these lights are. You can change their shade to any colour and brightness you like and easily control them with your smartphone or even your voice using a Google Home or Alexa Echo smart speaker.

In my video below I will show a sample of the many cool apps available to get the most out of your Philips Hue lights. Watch me trigger a  fireworks light show in my own lounge and show you the  Hue TV 360 immersive experience that you can enjoy with your games and movies!

Philips Hue Smart Lights Review

You can get started with your very own smart lights system with a Philips Hue starter kit. These lights will make an excellent birthday or Christmas present.