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How to stream your Laptop, PC to your TV wirelessly for FREE! (no adaptors needed)

Here is a very easy and free way to stream media from your tablet, laptop or PC to to your big TV and you can do this for FREE too. You won’t have to buy any of the latest TV streaming sticks such as the Amazon Fire TV , Roku or Chomecast streaming devices  All you need is a smart TV and Windows 8.1 or higher operating system. Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems will will work fine but Windows 7 and 8 will need updating to the latest Miracast drivers. See links at bottom of page on how to do this.

My video guide below which will show you how to stream your laptop to your smart TV in less than 5 minutes. Please click on the video link below to watch this and my other  tech guides on my Tomstechreviews YouTube channel. Thanks, Tom 🙂

How to Stream Your Laptop, PC to Your TV Wireless for FREE

If this method does not work for you please read these 2 possible solutions below:

Solution 1 – I am using Windows 7 or 8 but this method won’t work

Window 7 and 8 do not come with the drivers built in to support the Miracast wireless display technology. If you want this to work on Windows 7 or 8 please read the discussion on this subject on the Microsoft forum and download and install the drivers below:

Microsoft Forum – Miracast with Windows 7

Intel Wireless Display Software for Windows 7/Windows 8

Solution 2 – My TV is not a Smart TV

If you don’t have a Smart TV then not all is lost. You can still buy a Microsoft wireless display adaptor to upgrade your old TV to support the wireless transmission Miracast technology. See link below:

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter- Black

Current price from Amazon is £29.99