These Words’ by Tom

And when the sun sets for the last time I will say these words

These words that mean so much to me

These words that come from my heart

And now I will say these words

When the sun’s rays fill the sky I feel your warmth

And when the raindrops patter in a rhythmic dance I hear your voice

When the snow falls it’s hypnotic grace lets me see your face

And when springtime arrives in all its glory I remember your kindness

But now its autumn and the fallen leaves lay untouched

For these words may not be enough

To bring you back

But still I hope we can meet anew

To share these words again with you..

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Simple Pleasures by Tom

We all strive for the most
With champagne to toast

But simple pleasures that stay for a while
Are all we need to make us smile..

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Now I’m Free

Now I’m free in the summer breeze I own the kingdom of the birds and the bees

Now I’m higher than the tallest tree I enjoy the freedom of this new reality

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Ultimate Life Hack by Tom

I feel such sorrow
For your heart I wish to borrow

Just for one day I pray
To keep the pain away

Until I find the ultimate life hack
The one that wins you back..

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